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Payment Options

Heights View, Haverthwaite, Cumbria, LA12 8AL
Proprietors: Janet & Nigel Dean

Payment Methods are described below:-

Payments less that 2 weeks prior to the start date will need to be by Internet (Faster Payments, PAYM) or cash into a SANTANDER branch.

• Pay directly into my account using branch, internet or telephone banking. Details will be sent in your confirmation email.
You need to confirm with your bank if Faster Payments Out is an option to SANTANDER before making the payment.
Other banks will use the BACS Transfer Service which can take 7 working days.
These days most banks use Faster Payments.

• Cash into my SANTANDER account paid in at your local branch
NOTE: Bank details for other banks can be supplied if more convenient.

PAYM to my mobile [077387 17368] up to £300 per day if your bank supports this

Paypal allows you to pay by credit card or debit card but does incur a fee.
Please click on the Payment Calculator to see the amount due including fee.

Step 1 ) Payment Calculator

Step 2 ) Inform us of your Paypal account id and we will send you a payment request from Paypal

FOREIGN Currency Transactions can be paid using Transferwise or Paypal .

  • For Paypal you enter the amount in GBP ( after using the payment calculator above ) in order for PAYPAL to calculate and add any foreign currency exchange charges.

    Example : Rental of 450 GBP = 466.05 GBP after Paypal calculation. You enter 466.05 GBP as the amount you want to pay. Paypal will do the foreign currency transaction to ensure that we receive the 450 GBP ( net of Paypal fees )

  • Transferwise can be cheaper but you will need to check on their site if your currency is supported

Further details will be supplied as required


Cheque is strongly discouraged as we would not be able to hold the holiday until it had cleared which with posting, depositing and clearing time could take 10 days. In addition there is an extra charge of £10 per cheque for handling cheques. It is far better to take cash to a SANTANDER Branch as this clears immediately.

Last Updated: 14 September, 2016    



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